Jolly Holiday Party

I threw this british travel themed party for my son's first birthday.
His name is Oliver so I called it his "J-Ollie Holiday Party."
I had been wanting to do a British themed party for some time and I was happy with how it turned out.
All of the items that you need to throw a party similar to this party are linked at the bottom of the page.
Some items are not exact but I did my best to find items that were extremely similar or exact.
Some notes: For the London bus I printed one off that was free online and cut it out.
If I were to give you a timeline for how I did this.
I worked on my shortbread cookies 4 days before.
One day I did the royal icing transfers and made the shortbread.
The next day I dipped them and put the transfers on after they had hardened I froze them until the day of the party.
I made the cake the day before which is something I always do to allow time to clean up.
I made the rolls the day of.
And I decorated with the fans the night before.

Recipes for this party

Instructions for the cake

  1. Use the recipe link above for the cake and double the recipe.
  2. It should fill up three 8 inch pans.
  3. The frosting recipe needs to be make 4x to cover the cake.

Links to tutorials for the cake

Decorations used for this party